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Produced Water
Volume 4 Number 6 November/December 2005

The production of oil and gas is big business in the West, and with that production comes water—at times more water than fuel. Producers spend large sums to dispose of this “produced” water, usually by injecting it into deep-aquifer wells. But some of the highest-producing states—Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Wyoming, and Montana—have been scrambling to find water supplies for their future. Is the solution obvious? This issue’s feature articles indicate it’s not so simple. While water quality varies from one production field to another, most produced water requires some kind of treatment before it can be used beneficially. Regulatory and ownership issues must also be considered. In some areas, however, industry, communities, and agencies have jointly found ways to put the resource to use. The quantities may not be sufficient to solve all our water problems, but produced water could become one more asset in our water resources portfolio.

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