Can We Have It All?


Th., Aug. 29, 8:00-500; Fri., Aug. 30, 8:00-3:30

Moderator: Elizabeth Desser

  • Adams, Catherine, New Mexico State University
    Riparian Evapotranspiration of Saltgrass (Distichlis Spicata)
  • Ahmed, Abdul, Arizona State University
    An Agent Based Formalism for the Management of Water Resources
  • Al-Haddad, Sami, New Mexico State University
    Cotton Water Use in the Mesilla Valley, New Mexico
  • Bleiweiss, Max, New Mexico State University
    ASTER Observations of Water Surface Temperature for Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico
  • Callegary, James, USGS
    Estimating Depth to the Lower No-Flow Boundary of Regional and Basin-Scale Ground-Water Flow Models Using Earth's Gravitational and Magnetic Fields: the Case of Northern Arizona
  • Canfield, Evan, Pima County Regional Flood Control District
    A Prototype Analysis for Determining the Stormwater Retention and Water Supply Benefits of Cisterns
  • Carruth, Rob, USGS
    Gravity Monitoring of Ground-Water Storage Change in the Tucson Active Management Area
  • Chavez, Kathleen, Pima County Regional Flood Control District
    Integrating Water Resources and Land Use
  • Chhetri, Netra, Arizona State University
    Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Ranking of Multiple Stressors on Central Arizona Water Resources
  • Clark, Edward, NOAA - National Weather Service
    Distributed Modeling: Applications in Operational Hydrology
  • Esser, Brad, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    GAMA Special Studies: The Impact of Septic Effluent and Groundwater Banking on California Groundwater Quality
  • Ewoldt, Dave, Natural Systems Solutions, Institute of Global Education
    Answering the Symposium Question - Can We Have It All?
  • Fabre, Jean-David, New Mexico State University
    Water Use of Young Pecan in the Dona Ana County, New Mexico
  • Finke, Tobias, USDA ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center
    Estimating an overall infiltration value in an urbanized watershed using high-resolution satellite images and ground measurements.
  • Funk, Andrew, University of New Mexico Water Resources Program
    The Shower Water Conservation System: A Newly Emerging Innovation Designed to Meet the Water and Energy Efficiency Demands of the 21st Century
  • Gerrodette, Tricia, Huachuca Audubon Society
    Have It All? For How Long?
  • Gungle, Bruce, USGS-WRD
    Investigation of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions in the San Pedro River near Charleston Using Distributed Fiber-Optic Temperature Methods
  • Gustafson, Annie, Arizona State University
    Water Conservation Policy in an Arid Metropolitan Region: The First Large Scale Artificial Recharge Project in New Mexico
  • Hill, Bradley, City of Peoria, AZ
    Principles of Sound Water Management: Developing Municipal Water Policies to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability, Economic Vitality and Quality of Life in the City of Peoria Today and Tomorrow
  • Kay, John, Daniel B. Stephens and Associates
    The First Large Scale Artificial Recharge Project in New Mexico
  • Kirksey, Brad, New Mexico State University
    Water Depletion by Dense and Monotypic Saltcedar at Bosque NWR
  • Lellouch, Mark, Sonoran Institute
    Ecosystem Changes and Water Policy Choices: Four Scenarios for the Lower Colorado River Basin to 2050R
  • Lopez, Eric, New Mexico State Univerrsity
    Hydraulic Properties of St. Cloud Clinoptilolite Zeolite as a Wicking Material
  • Macia, Narciso, Arizona State University
    Simulation of Economic Factors in a Gray Water System that Irrigates Trees to Shade a House
  • McGuire, Roberta, USDA-ARS-SWRC
    Native and invasive Competition for Water Resources at an intermittent Reach of the San Pedro River, Arizona
  • McLain, Jean, USDA-ARS-SWRC
    Presence and Transport of Escherichia Coli and Salmonella spp. in Soils of a Municipal Park Irrigated with Reclaimed Wastewater
  • Mecke, Michael, Texas Water Resources Institute
    McDonald Observatory: Stormwater Capture for Firefighting Use
  • Mier, Mead, Pima Association of Governments
    Effects of Travertine on Leaf Retention in Fossil Creek, Arizona Before and After Stream Restoration
  • Mier, Mead, Pima Association of Governments
    Evaluation of Riparian Habitat and Headcutting
  • Moreno, Jimmy, New Mexico State University
    Flux Measurements at Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico
  • Norman, Laura, USGS
    Modeling Future Scenarios to Decrease Nonpoint Source Pollution in a U.S.-Mexico Border Watershed
  • Osman, Hassan El-Banna, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Egypt
    Development of a Priming Instrument for Centrifugal Pumps
  • PARASOL Club, University of Arizona (Moran, Cox, Johns, Young, Perino)
    Collaborative Rainwater Harvesting at the University of Arizona
  • Philbin, Asia, Tucson Water
    The Energy for a Sustainable Water Future
  • Poff, Boris, U.S. Forest Service
    Recovering Rainfall - A Déjà Vu
  • Postillion, Frank, Pima County Regional Flood Control District
    Avra/Black Wash reclamation and riparian restoration site-multiple use sustainability
  • Rautenkranz, Doug, USGS
    Geologic Framework to Support Ground-Water Model Development for Northern Arizona
  • Rushforth, Richard, University of Arizona
    Water and Power: Inextricably Tied to Arizona's Growth
    (CAP Award for Water Research, 2nd place)
  • Schonauer, Kurt, USGS
    Investigations of Rural Watersheds in Southeastern Arizona
  • Shamir, Eylon, Hydrologic Research Center
    A Model Framework for Water Resources Planning in the Upper Santa Cruz River, Southern Arizona
  • Shipek, Lisa, Watershed Management Group, Inc.
    Greening Urban Watersheds: A Grassroots Approach to Water Harvesting and Resource Conservation
  • Solis, Jose, New Mexico State University
    Investigation of Evapotranspiration Depletion of Treated and Non-Treated Saltcedar at the Elephant Butte and Caballo Flood Plains, New Mexico
  • Stewart, Anne, USGS
    Modeling Recharge to the Ground-Water System through Ephemeral Stream Channels in and downstream of Sierra Vista, Upper San Pedro River Basin, Arizona
  • Stone, Asako, Desert Research Institute
    Efficacy of the National Park Service's Water Resource Stewardship Report in the Western United States as a Conflict Prevention and Management Plan
  • Tillman, Fred, USGS
    Development and Demonstration of a Method for Assessment and Mapping of Ground-Water Level Changes
  • Truini, Margo, USGS
    Preliminary Results of Ground-Water Conditions in the Detrital, Hualapai, and Sacramaneto Valleys
  • Werner, Kevin, NOAA - National Weather Service
    National Weather Service Water Supply Forecasting
  • Will, Raymond, Todd Engineers
    A Stormwater Management/Groundwater Recharge Plan for an Abandoned Quarry
  • Wilson, Wally, Tucson Water
    Sweetwater Recharge Facilities: Effluent Storage and Recovery for Reuse
  • Zaimes, George, University of Arizona
    Characterization of Microclimate and Vegetation Structure within Riparian Areas along Urbanized and Non-urbanized Ephemeral Streams