Can We Have It All?

Symposium Workshops

August 29, 2007

On-site Workshops:
  • Tools and methods for land-subsidence studies (full day)
    A full-day technical workshop focusing on understanding and predicting subsidence at the basin scale
    Contact: Stanley Leake, , 520-670-6672, ext. 259
  • Water well performance (full day)
    A one-day workshop for those involved in public water supply, groundwater monitoring and remediation, and aquifer storage and recovery
    Contact: Gary Burchard, , 520-877-1122
  • All-appropriate inquiry (1/2 day) -- CANCELED
  • Scenario development and applications stakeholder workshop (full day)
    A scenario workshop to discuss scenario planning approaches, existing scenario applications and tools, and initiate the development of a set of regional scenarios for water resource planning in the Southwest.
    Contact: Steve Stewart,
Off-site Workshop:
  • ESRI/ArcGIS hydro tools workshop (1/2 day) -- FULL
    A workshop demonstrating the use of ESRI's new products in water management areas such as groundwater data visualization, land use modeling, and drought monitoring
    Contact: Gary Woodard, , 520-626-5399

Sept. 1, 2007

Off-site Workshop: